About AC Custom Equine

AC Custom Equine is a different horse business. We work to help you enjoy your horses. AC Custom Equine was founded in 2013 and is run by Ali Carpenter.

Ali has been working with horses for over 16 years. She graduated Kemptville College with honours in two diplomas; Agriculture – Equine Studies and Agriculture. Since graduating, she has worked with a number of horses and felt the need to further her formal education. Ali is currently a student at the University of Guelph with hopes of working in livestock nutrition, particularly equine nutrition.

Her love of learning has drawn her to many equine seminars and clinics. These events helped spur the idea of event hosting. Ali has successfully offered barn nights where local professionals discuss different nutritional topics in intimate sessions.

Ali has competed on Kemptville College’s intercollegiate polo team in the North Eastern US division. She now enjoys competing in extreme cowboy races and organized trail rides with her Thoroughbred gelding, Setemupjohn.

Currently Ali works with carriage horses and hopes to purchase a team to extend the AC Custom Equine services.